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Mental Health Awareness within the BME community workshop

The aim of Mental Health Awareness workshop is for you to gain a wider understanding of the issues surrounding mental health within BME communities, both your own and others, and so to work more effectively with mental health problems. With 1 in 4 people with mental health issues experiencing stigma and discrimination, it is clear that people themselves need to have a better understanding of the issues, to break down the fears and misunderstandings surrounding mental illness, and which can often prevent people from seeking appropriate help.

We offer low cost but highly effective workshops as we are on a mission to create more understanding on how much culture can take a big part in mental health whether it means talking about it, accessing it or throughout treatment. With more understanding about culture differences and taking it on board can help eliminating the stigmas attached to mental health.

We are perfectly aware at Generation Reform that our structure and content of our workshops, there is no other workshop in the UK to offer it mainly due to the thought provoking and encouragement of speaking more openly. We are more focused about prevention and tackling mental health full force whereas more workshops deal with coping mechanisms we want to target culture as it’s a subject that is not highly discussed.

We currently offer 2 workshops,

We currently offer 2 workshops,

Workshop 1: Mental health stigma awareness within BME communities

This workshop is designed for schools, colleges and presented to students. The aim of this workshop is to engage with all students and create an understanding of respect for other cultures so students can start to talk more openly about mental health issues without worrying about stigmas. This workshop can help create more understanding and awareness of different cultures within the small groups

Workshop 2: Understanding BME Culture within mental health

This workshop is designed specifically for the ‘workplace’. This is created to take culture into account when dealing with mental health concerns, creates more of a chance to think about different ways to approach service users with taking culture into account. This workshop can also help the workplace understand the different cultures within BME communities and work colleagues.


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We will also be introducing other workshops specifically covering relationships, lifeskills, women empowerment and crime consequences awareness. For more info regarding an interest in these workshops please email us as we will gladly tailor these to your needs, email us on

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