Founder: Asha Iqbal

I had struggled for numerous years with anxiety and other problems but I had such a wall put up that anyone who encountered me didn’t realise anything was wrong. This was mainly due to the stigma attached to mental health as I was so concerned about the label that I would be attached with if I was so open.

In the last couple of years, I had realised how important the cultural aspects play in part of getting mental health treatments and this is where services should be able to adapt to understand their service users and so many services and organisations fail this way.

I have a background of working with people from all ages that included young vulnerable girls being groomed, running peer pressure workshops to year 8/9 students, young offenders and to even working in a service that provides care to palliative patients. My varied experience has given me an insight into a wide variety of victims in difficult situations facing numerous mental health conditions. I want to put my experiences and my own personal experience into ensuring services are improved so as a society we can work towards better mental health.

Founded March 2017